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Muddasick! McDonald's
Tuesday, 04 November 2008 12:19

Will the owner of the franchise please return! Service is at a premium when you are there.  With two servers and three customers the staff cannot keep up! 


Companies destroying our roads!
Angry Driver   
Tuesday, 28 October 2008 10:04

Everyone is all annoyed with the ICD (Idiot Control Devices) that they have installed along just about every road on Grand Bahama.  Yeah they piss me off too but at least they are not as bad as the ICD's that the concrete trucks are installing in the middle of the darn roads!

Have you ever been on the Coral Road circle coming from the Sports Complex and hit a bump so huge you would think someone just left a rock in the middle of the road for you intentionally so you could jack up the piece of car that you own?  They have huge lines of concrete that not only damage the road but they damage your car.

In these tough times no one has that extra cash to go fixing any car because you rode through some wet concrete those idiots let leak out of the truck and damage your paint on your vehicle.

Another area where this is happening a lot is on the intersection of Churchill Drive and East Sunrise Highway -- as if that intersection already isn't a killer for drivers. You have people flying around the curve there like bats straight out of hell and they have no regard for the actual speed limit.

Muddasick! Where are the decent movies?
Movie Buff   
Wednesday, 22 October 2008 15:58
BLOOD, GUTS, GORE, VIOLENCE, SWEARING, VULGAR COMEDIES... we seem to have all the junk but no movies with substance. Why can't we get happy, fun, romantic, musical movies anymore? You can't tell me all these horror movies don't in-site violence in our kids.

Where are the thought provoking movies, the romantic comedies, the dramas?  Thank goodness for the "copy" movie places - if it wasn't for them you could never watch a family film or decent movie.

Guess Galleria doesn't want young kids or mature adult money? You know us, the nice polite guests - who throw away our trash, say thank you and turn our phones off during a film. Remember!

Muddasick ... I hope you don't forget Christmas too!
BTC - first they stop work, then they stop e-mails
Wednesday, 08 October 2008 10:55
Muddasick! I don't know if there is any correlation between BTC's work cuts and their e-mail cuts of late, but after reading about a privatization committee, I say 'the sooner the better!'

All this past week my e-mails have been chopped off. Some come with a word or two, others with nothing more than the title. Thank heaven I don't use BaTelNet for my business e-mail because it would really be embarrassing to have to write back to important clients and say 'please re-send.'

Dot-BS should be a source of pride, not an example of what you think 'BS' stands for!

As for the islands I know of where Cable & Wireless faced privatisation and Digicel came into play ... subscribers to both services have benefited from improved quality.

- Speed and reliability at a reasonable price ... that's all we want.
Port parking problems
Friday, 19 September 2008 15:42

A tip of the hat to the writer of this comment. I am a Canadian tourist who comes to the Port [Lucaya Marketplace] area for a month each year, and the parking at the Port has been a constant problem for 15 years that I have been visiting. We like the shops, restaurants and bars. There appear to be two problems - taxis and employees of shops and restaurants. Two possible solutions: taxis should not take up to 1/3 of the parking for themselves and friends. Employees should be forced to park in the west lot off-site with a dedicated five-minute shuttle bus. This may be tough to enforce but can be done.

- Eric in Toronto

All dressed up and nowhere to park!
All Dressed Up   
Wednesday, 17 September 2008 19:55

I am so glad that the Port Lucaya Marketplace is saving a parking space for Lady Henrietta, who moved back to England, for Sir Jack, who is here on and off - who knows when? Another one for the Chairman of the Marina - who is that? The Chairman of the Port gets one, the Manager of the Port, and Lord knows who else!

The parking situation at Port Lucaya is bad enough that we have to search to find a place, and when the large parking lot is full we try the small one, and what do we get to see ... orange cones blocking about 7 spaces in case the rich and almighty suddenly get the urge to come to "The Port." God forbid they might have to park like everyone else!

This is a pretty good example of why our island can't get it together. If we can't give up parking spaces for shoppers who want to spend money at the port or in the restaurants then how the *#&% are we ever going to get investors to come here? I can hear it now, "sure, come in but you can't park there, or sit there and you have to let me be in front all the time, blah, blah, blah...."

Come on, move the signs, move the cones and be like normal people - first one who gets there gets the space!

- All Dressed Up & Nowhere to Park

Tourism is not a '9-5' business!
Monday, 25 August 2008 11:24
This past Friday, I traveled to Ft. Lauderdale on Spirit.  Because of the bad weather in Florida, all the flights were delayed.  It was a painful 6-hour delay.  The departure room was almost full with Spirit, Continental. American and Bahamasair passengers.

What is so amazing is the Oasis store in the precleared lounge.  Firstly, there are three roll up chain doors.  The whole time, only one was open and not even up all the way.  The other two were closed.  Secondly, throughout the afternoon, the store closed two or three times for short periods.  But what really got my attention so much was that at 4.55pm, the store closed it’s doors, the girl counted her money and left.

ZNS reporters
Newsnight Watcher   
Wednesday, 20 August 2008 07:05

I am so happy that I have somewhere to voice my displeasure with ZNS reporters!

Can you tell me why I need to be subjected to seeing Mrs. Parker and Mr. Lightbourne laughing hysterically, talking and/or gesturing at the end of EVERY BROADCAST??? (I say 'seeing' because their voices are muted).  Why can't ZNS (like other stations), simply cut them off after they've said their exit remarks?

If they can't go directly to commercial, because of having to air the credits, then, can't they move the camera to some picture in the background or play scenes of our beaches, historical sites or ANYTHING Bahamian while they run the credits!

Please stop subjecting us to this poor display of unprofessionalism ZNS!

Subway can improve
Friday, 08 August 2008 14:32
Good morning,

I am grateful to the fast food restaurants which make their employees wear gloves and hair nets; one in particular is Subway.

However, I must make a note of something -- the persons who work at these places, although they're wearing gloves, they still need to be more cautious. Have you ever noticed how at Subway they wear the same glove for numerous customers? And on top of that, with that same pair of gloves they open the fridge door, the baker door, pick up the dish towel to wipe down the counter, wipe things off the counter and go in the back to do who-knows-what and come back with those same gloves on and put it on your raw meat sandwich?

Now that is totally unsanitary and without a doubt defeats the purpose of the glove in the first place.

Authorities or those in charge: fix this.
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