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TBN's Praise the Lord broadcast from the Bahamas to air on Tuesday October 14
Monday, 13 October 2014 15:00

Watch TBN Praise the Lord this Tuesday October 14, 2014 at 10 pm to see the broadcast from the Grand Lucayan in Freeport, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas. The program will feature Bahamian pastors and gospel groups.

Tune in to see Bishop Ricardo Grant, Pastor Peter Pinder, Apostle Henry and Dr. Ann Higgins, Pastor Lenora Sands, Pastor Eddie Victor, Ian Rolle, Pastor Simeon Outten & the New Life Singers, The Bahamas Brass Marching Band, Vanessa Clarke, The Cooling Waters and The Grand Bahama Youth Choir.

This broadcast in the Bahamas was coordinated by the Religious Tourism Department of The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and through the partnership of the Grand Bahama Island Tourism Board and the Grand Bahama Christian Council.

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Commentary by Elcott Coleby: This week in The Bahamas (6-10 October 2014)
Submitted by Elcott Coleby   
Sunday, 12 October 2014 13:58

This eventful week in The Bahamas saw the College of The Bahamas (COB) move one step closer to university status; the Clifton Pier oil spill Plan revealed; a delay in the Constitutional Bills and the foreshowing of the Petroleum Act, all as NIB turned 40.

Government to borrow $16.18 million for COB transition

By the end of 2015, some 41 years after its establishment in law on 30th October 1974, the 5,300 student strong College of The Bahamas is expected to transition into the country’s first university. Moving the resolution on Monday to borrow the sum of US$16.18 million from the Caribbean Development Bank was Education Minister Hon. Jerome Fitzgerald.

About $7 million or 30% of the transition project’s total cost of around $23 million will be financed from the public treasury.

The Minister said that the transition project is broken down into the following 5 principal components as follow:

1.    Design and construction of a Halls of Residence and Business Center.

2.    Energy enhancement rehabilitation of the Keva Bethel Administrative Building and Hotel Training College.

3.    Upgrade of the security system.

4.    Improved service delivery.

5.    Improved governance and management system.

Environment Minister addressed latest Clifton oil spill


DNA commentary: The PHA Corruption and Cronyism!
Submitted by the DNA Party   
Friday, 10 October 2014 08:25

A forensic report of pharmaceutical and medical supplies which found its way into the hands of the local media this week have renewed concerns about the blatant mismanagement of the country’s resources. The report which appeared as a lead story in the local dailies, revealed the “loss” of some ten million dollars from the Public Hospital’s Authority in addition to countless instances of alleged abuse and ineffective management controls which in effect led to the fleecing of the Bahamas Government.

The details revealed within the report suggest a level of dishonesty, collusion, and inattention which has unfortunately become synonymous with many government ministries and departments over the past many years. In the face of such blatant fraud, one would think that the government would have immediately enlisted the Royal Bahamas Police Force and other relevant authorities to bring those responsible to justice. Unfortunately in the days following the release of this damning information, government officials from both of the previous administrations have failed to give an account to the Bahamian people.

We have yet to hear from either of the past Ministers of Health, BOTH of whom now serve in the House of Assembly or the CURRENT Minister of health on the issue, this despite attempts by the local media to get comment.

The issue was finally raised in Parliament on Tuesday evening, and again, instead of taking responsibility for the gross misappropriation of public resources, many Bahamians watched in disgust as their elected officials passed the buck and played the blame game; neither side willing to take responsibility or provide a way forward to address the matter.

Mahatma Gandhi once said: “It is wrong and immoral to seek escape from the consequences of one’s acts”.

Statement by Environment Minister on petroleum legislation
Submitted by Joette Penn   
Wednesday, 08 October 2014 10:53
Press Statement
The Hon. Kenred M.A. Dorsett, M.P.
The Minister of Environment & Housing
Update on Petroleum Legislation

8th October, 2014

The Government has completed the preparation of a new Petroleum Act and a suite of regulations designed to guide and govern oil exploration in The Bahamas as an integral part of the recently announced National Energy Policy. This new legislative package will also include the legislative framework for a Sovereign Wealth Fund to ensure that in the event oil is discovered in commercially viable quantities, the wealth that will accrue to the nation as a result will be invested, managed and conserved in the most optimal way for present and future generations of Bahamians.   

The new legislative package will be introduced to Parliament as soon as it meets following the short recess.  

In the meantime, it should be clearly understood that the new legislative regime will ensure that exploration for oil in The Bahamas will be undertaken in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, consistent with international standards, best practices and the most up-to-date risk management, health and safety protocols.
DNA commentary: Ebola at our back door
Submitted by the DNA Party   
Tuesday, 07 October 2014 14:52
In early September, the flames of fear consumed many Bahamians as social media erupted with reports of an Ebola infected visitor to the Bahamas. In the last month alone, the deadly viral outbreak – classified as the most severe in the world’s history – has ravaged parts of West Africa claiming the lives of thousands of men women and children. Concern surrounding the spread of the disease has become so widespread that officials at the World Health Organization have declared the situation a public health emergency of international concern; and international it has become.

Just this week, the United States reported its very first cases of the disease. So far, US officials say they have been able to quarantine and isolate those affected and have dismissed the idea of a potential US outbreak. The spread of the disease to our closest neighbor and ally however, should be cause for great concern for the leadership of this country. There is a popular saying that states: “If the United States sneezes, the Bahamas will catch a cold”. While meant in jest, this adage could not be truer. Our proximity to the US and our close relationship with the country while beneficial could also prove harmful in this regard.

According to statistics from the Center for Disease Control, the recent Ebola outbreak has killed more than three thousand people in just over one month. Based on available figures from the last population census in the Bahamas, the figure represents 58% of the population in Exuma as recorded in 2010. It surpasses the number of persons living on Long Island according figures recorded in 2008 and is higher than the combined populations of Inagua, Ragged Island and Mayaguana.

The threat of this lethal disease at our back door has raised a number of serious concerns ranging from the strength of our immigration controls and border protection systems, to the preparedness of our healthcare systems to manage a potential outbreak.
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