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Coalition of Concerned Citizens will intensify efforts to lower the cost of power
Submitted by Pastor Eddie Victor   
Friday, 22 August 2014 07:47

Pastor Eddie Victor for the Coalitation of Concerned Citizens

The people of Grand Bahama continue to experience hardship from the excessive cost of electricity being provided by the Grand Bahama Power Company / Emera. Hundreds of our brothers and sisters and fellow citizens are still living in darkness throughout this Island. Despite the Coalition’s efforts to this point and the two roundtable meetings organized by the Government with Grand Bahama Power Company/Emera, the Power Company will not change its policies to make life better for Grand Bahamians. People’s livelihood and the Island’s economy is under severe threat by the economic bondage of the Grand Bahama Power Company/Emera. What is of further concern to us is that several weeks ago the power company disconnected the electricity of all our Government Schools on Grand Bahama clearly demonstrating that this company does not respect the Government of the Bahamas neither the people of Grand Bahama.

The Coalition of Concerned Citizens will intensify efforts in the weeks and months to come to lower the cost of power in the immediate future. The Government of the Bahamas is working diligently to lower the cost of electricity across the Bahamas. Our Government is presently in the process of privatizing BEC and we are aware that one of the bidding companies is promising to build a new plant and lower the cost of electricity by as much as 50%. GBPC\Emera built a new plant in 2012 and there has been no reduction in electricity rate. We also know that the Grand Bahama Port Authority is committed to lowering the cost of electricity on the Island, but it seems that the only one that does not get it is the Grand Bahama Power Company\Emera.

The CCC will be implementing several strategies designed to produce results. One of those strategies is that we are calling for a ‘Solar Energy Revolution’, calling for all residents and businesses as quickly as possible to transition to using Solar Energy. Solar Energy will give Citizens of this Island the means to control their own electricity cost. Furthermore, under the leadership of Osman Johnson attorney at law, an Association for customers of the Power Company will be formed for the purpose of representing their concerns directly with the GBPC\Emera and the Regulators.

DNA commentary: The PLP Unleashes the VAT BOMB!
Submitted by the DNA Party   
Friday, 22 August 2014 07:34
With Value Added Tax (VAT) now just 4 months away, the legislative arm of the government has only now completed debate on the laws which will govern tax reform in the Bahamas.  In just 132 days, scores of businesses will be forced to confront the impact of the new taxes on their profit margins, which has raised concerns about further job losses and a deferment of new hires in an already struggling national economy.  

True to form however, this Christie led administration has waited until the 11th hour to table, debate and pass the legislation making any real preparation on the part of the local business community, nearly impossible.  Even as Wednesday evening’s debate wrapped, scores of Bahamians in various sectors of society remain unclear about how this new tax will truly affect their lives.

Most noteworthy however, was Mr. Christie’s absence from the actual vote.  Billed as the cornerstone of the Prime Minister’s plans for fiscal reform in the Bahamas, VAT will have long lasting and far reaching implications for the citizenry of this country; however the PM’s failure to be present when the bill was passed displays a lack of focus and calls into question his commitment to providing economic stability.

Over the past few days, the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) has watched ministers of government attempt to defend the need for VAT by blaming the former administration for the country’s financial woes. While the Free National Movement (FNM) indeed played a key role in the mismanagement of the nation’s wealth, it is not a pattern of behavior limited only to that party. Successive governments – including the first Christie led government – have spent recklessly, borrowed without restraint and sold for little gain, invaluable natural resources. Now however, hardworking Bahamian families and businesses have left holding the bag. We, the people are now being forced to bear the burden of additional taxes in an environment where government officials, their friends, families and lovers are exempt.
Director of Public Prosecutions Vinette Graham Allen departs
Submitted by BIS   
Sunday, 17 August 2014 07:38

NASSAU, Bahamas -- The Government of The Bahamas advised Thursday that Mrs. Vinette Graham Allen, the Director of Public Prosecutions, has expressed the desire to be released from her contract with the Government of The Bahamas so as to further her professional development and career.  The Government has agreed to her request.  

Mrs. Graham Allen indicated her gratitude for the opportunity to make extensive contributions to the administration of justice in The Bahamas. In wishing Mrs. Graham Allen Godspeed  in her future endeavours, the Attorney General, Senator Allyson Maynard Gibson, acknowledged and thanked her for the significant contributions that she has made to the administration of justice, which contributions include but are not limited to successful prosecution of the first Trafficking in Persons (TIP) matter in the Supreme Court; assistance with the establishment of the TIP Task Force and advice in relation thereto; assistance in setting up Case Management and Witness Care divisions to further the successful implementation of Swift Justice and enable successful prosecutions. Further, through her role as Executive Committee Member of the International Association of Prosecutors (“IAP”), IAP  Regional Representative for the Caribbean and General Secretary of the Caribbean Association of Prosecutors (“CAP”), she forged strong links between the Office of the Attorney General,  the IAP and the CAP.

Mr. Garvin Gaskin is the Acting Director of Public Prosecutions.

Fox Hill MP responds to Tribune headline
Submitted by Elcott Coleby   
Friday, 15 August 2014 07:12


My constituents have been calling me throughout the day about the headline in this morning's Tribune:


The headline is incorrect. No one was shot during Fox Hill Day celebrations. The celebrations passed off without incident.  The crowds and the police did a wonderful job in ensuring peace and safety.

An incident took place at 2:30 a.m. at a night club far removed from the scene of the Festival grounds. The Festival in fact had ended and people had departed peaceably to their homes.

The reference in the story to the shooting taking place " a few feet away from a memorial erected two days ago " is also incorrect.

I would appreciate the clarification.

Bahamas Crisis Centre statement on Referendum
Submitted by BIS   
Thursday, 14 August 2014 07:46

Dr. Sandra Dean Patterson , Director

The Bahamas Crisis Centre condemns in the strongest terms all forms of discrimination on the basis of sex. That is any form of discrimination against a woman on the basis of her being a woman, or against a man on the basis of him being a man.

We believe in a Bahamas where all men and women hold equal value and equal rights under the law, in particular, the supreme law of the land, represented by the constitution. With the November 6 referendum approaching, it is now our responsibility to affirm collectively that we believe in a Bahamas that stands for equality.

On a daily basis we work with girls and boys, women and men who suffer at the hands of unjust practices that are rooted in beliefs of inequality. Men exerting power and control over women because they don’t believe in women’s rights but believe in their right to control and dominate women failing to live to their fullest potential because they feel inferior and inadequate and lack the confidence to challenge the status quo.

Gender Based Violence is rooted in gender based discrimination and gender inequality- unequal power relationships between men and women. Despite the challenges, we understand that our society is better when men and women are equal participants, when men and women are healthy and whole and work together as partners and co-parents. We work every day to advance this cause by providing intervention and support services to victims of sexual and domestic violence and being the voice of those who have been silenced.

The Bahamian constitution, through Article 15, gives every person in The Bahamas an entitlement to fundamental rights and freedoms no matter the “race, place of origin, political opinions, colour, creed or sex”.

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