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DNA commentary: PLP late again!
Submitted by the DNA Party   
Tuesday, 22 April 2014 04:53

The PLP’s approach to governance since taking office in 2012 has left much to be desired. In what has seemingly become their modus operandi, this government has proven time and time again that it is unfit to oversee the affairs of the nation. Despite numerous public assurances that they would aggressively tackle the country’s many pressing issues, this PLP administration has proven itself dysfunctional, unfocused and incompetent; failing to meet their own legislative deadlines on issues relative to tax reform, a Freedom of Information Act, gaming, crime and countless other policy initiatives such as job creation, all while reneging on the countless promises made while in opposition.

Most recently, the Minister responsible for referendums Bernard Nottage admitted the government’s failure to set a definitive date for the proposed constitutional referendum. Shortly after taking office, the Prime Minister offered grand pronouncements of the government’s plans in this regard in which he set a November 2013 date.

The Constitutional Commission headed by renowned local Attorney Sean McWeeny did an excellent job in securing public feedback and reviewing the various aspects of the constitution which deserved attention; eventually compiling an impressive and comprehensive report which was presented to the government well in advance of its initial target date. Their work is certainly to be commended. True to form however, Mr. Christie showed no follow through and was forced to push the date to June of 2014.

How disappointing! Rather than use the additional planning time wisely however, this administration has again squandered the better part of this year focusing on trivial and insignificant matters and will by all indications, be forced to postpone the vote for a second time. While these revelations are certainly disappointing, they are far from surprising, particularly considering the ineffective nature of this administration.

DNA commentary: Airport highlights Government's incompetence
Submitted by the DNA Party   
Thursday, 17 April 2014 09:18

Within weeks the government is likely to have a soft-opening of the long overdue Leonard M Thompson International Airport in Marsh Harbour, Abaco and Abaconians may at long last finally begin enjoying the use of the facilities.

As is customary, and possibly by the middle of the year or later, there may even be a grand opening as governments like to do, complete with demonization of the former administration for incompetence and applauding themselves as the heroes who finally delivered the goods!

The new terminal, while a significant upgrade to the present facilities at Marsh Harbour, is far from what Abaco deserves and has yet again been an exercise in incompetence and wastage by both administrations. Abaconians don’t settle for yet another sub-par effort by the government to deliver the necessary infrastructure for your development and growth.

Government placed before you beautiful, yet unpractical, plans for an airport terminal and begrudgingly listened to your critique of the first plans. They brought to you a month later plans that were modified to your suggestions yet still fell short of standard practices of airport design.

When the contract went out to tender the government did not even entertain qualifying bids from local contractors; a slap in the face of some of the nation’s best construction companies.

Two center tourism program to be launched between China and the Bahamas   
Thursday, 17 April 2014 09:11
By: Bahamaren

Extensive consultation has been undertaken with the tourism industry and across government and industry in both China and the Bahamas to guide the development of a Two Center Tourism Program with the Chinese tourist traveling to both the United States and Canada.  The United States and Canada remain the top destinations visited by out bound Chinese travelers with a very close proximity to the Island of the Bahamas creating a feasible travel system between the neighboring countries. A Two Center Program will allow travelers to visit destinations in both Canada and The United States whiles adding the Bahamas on their travel package with only one itinerary.

Considering the absence of a direct flight from China to the Bahamas and the distance in travel, this program capitalizes on travelers visiting near the Bahamas with direct flight coming out of their visiting destination into the Bahamas. Aviation remains critical in our mission to expand the Bahamas tourism product into the China outbound tourism market, we are confident that such a program will facilitate the necessary demand for a direct flight to the Bahamas. Bahamaren plays a targeted strategic role in the aviation arena in China, using existing partnerships to help build demand and grow competitive and sustainable aviation capacity.  Our company has begun strengthening our program by working along with over 50 travel agencies in mainland China and Hong Kong also building stronger relationships with global carriers through marketing and distribution and developing strategies to build aviation capacity on key strategic routes to ensure we have the right capacity for the right markets to deliver.
FNM Chairman slams back at Roberts
Submitted by the FNM   
Wednesday, 16 April 2014 12:58

From the Office of the Chairman, Darron B. Cash  

In typical knee-jerk fashion Bradley Roberts says “But look at the FNM.” My advice to him, no amount of spin and deflection will enable the Christie Government to hide the reality: They are failing and They are Just Not Ready!

This is a DIVIDED, dysfunctional and failing government that lacks adult supervision.

I have taken note of the expected knee-jerk reaction to our statement from PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts. His comments were typical spin and deflection. It was a NICE TRY, but it won’t work.

Spin and deflection will not be enough to convince the vast majority of Bahamians that they should ignore the sad reality right before their eyes. That sad reality is one of a DIVIDED, dysfunctional and failing government that lacks adult supervision and appears to have no clue as to what they are doing or where they are going. They seem LOST!

The Christie Cabinet is divided in part because of the growing tensions over who will succeed Perry Christie as leader. Ministers are taking sides and lining up. This infighting causes them to continually speak out of turn as they each try to demonstrate loyalty to one side or the other. The disunity is exacerbated by Mr. Christie’s tremendous weaknesses as a leader and coordinator of ministries.

DNA commentary: The Bahamas - Still Paralyzed by Fear
Submitted by the DNA Party   
Wednesday, 16 April 2014 12:56

Over the past two weeks, newspaper headlines have recounted horrific stories of violence, murder and mayhem which have gripped communities here in New Providence and on Grand Bahama Island; cementing crime and the fear of crime as one of the country’s most pressing national issues. What these disturbing newspaper articles also reveal though, is that this current administration is clueless about how to make our paradise safer.  

Many Bahamians will recall the many promises made on the campaign trail. Television commercials which boasted that the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) had the answer to the country’s rising crime concerns. In fact, many Bahamians will also recall the placement of massive billboards across New Providence which detailed what, at the time, were staggering and disturbing statistics on murder, attempted murder, armed robbery and other serious crimes. Those billboards placed in plain view of residents and visitors alike as an indicator of what the PLP, then in opposition, called the failures of the FNM government.  

In their Charter for Governance, the PLP outlined a series of plans which they assured Bahamians would restore law and order to our societal landscape. Since taking office however, it has become painstakingly obvious that those campaign promises to stifle criminal activity across the country, were merely that – promises. Since May 2012 plans like Project Safe Bahamas, and Urban Renewal 2.0 which had been touted as key elements of this administration’s crime fighting efforts, have had lackluster results at best.  

This government, which campaigned and won the election by convincing Bahamians that they were prepared to govern on day one, has failed at every turn in bringing any real solutions to the country’s crime problem. In fact, the country’s murder rate is said to be 36% higher today, than it was during this same period one year ago. The criminal element has become even more emboldened by the government’s inaction, targeting Bahamians of every socio-economic status, including the Deputy Prime Minister.

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