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The Sandals Foundation partners with AML Foods to to launch 45 day checkout giving campaign in support of P.A.C.E.
Submitted by Chester Robards   
Tuesday, 31 March 2015 14:39
NASSAU, Bahamas -- The Sandals Foundation, the non-profit arm of Sandals Resorts International, has launched a Checkout Giving fundraising campaign with AML Foods Limited to support the Providing Access to Continued Education (P.A.C.E.) program and help to change the lives and futures of young women in the Bahamas affected by teen pregnancy.

Kicking off on 1st April for 45 days, customers at select Solomon’s Super Centers, Solomon’s Fresh Markets, and Cost Right Wholesale Clubs will be invited to make a $1 donation to the Sandals Foundation benefitting P.A.C.E at the point of sale.  

Staying committed to P.A.C.E.’s mission of hope and inspiration, the Checkout Giving campaign will further promote awareness of teenage pregnancy specifically within the Bahamas, where over 500 teenagers become pregnant every year, and ways of countering it. Through this local appeal, funds raised from the campaign will be used to expand P.A.C.E.’s existing facility into a larger, state‐of-the‐art learning center with additional resources. Additionally, these vast upgrades will enable greater content to be developed, improve vocational training. The new, larger facility will be able to accommodate additional students.

“Teenage pregnancy remains a huge problem in the Bahamas and we are pleased to partner with the AML Foods Family of brands to help raise awareness and garner funds in support of P.A.C.E.” said Heidi Clarke, Director of Programs. “Through their staff, patrons and shareholders we are excited about the potential to help raise the money needed to complete the new building and offer these young girls a permanent home and, with it, the brighter future they deserve.”
Bahamas Press Club on Prime Minister's comments to journalism students
Submitted by the Bahamas Press Club   
Tuesday, 31 March 2015 07:38

The Bahamas Press Club was deeply disappointed to hear of the Prime Minister’s recently expressed disdain of the local press, in comments made to journalism students at The College of the Bahamas.

We do not presume to lecture the Prime Minister on his public utterances, but we must say that if the unfortunate turn of phrase was as a result of frustration with expressed journalistic opinions of his leadership (style), after 40 years in public life, Mr. Christie should know that it goes with the territory.

We know of no journalists who are “political scribes” but we are indeed aware of the proliferation of media personalities sometimes confused with the age old, well respected members of the working press.

While the Press Club believes it is of paramount importance that journalists display the highest standards and integrity in their reporting, talk shows and columns are open to the widest expressions, including a healthy dose of personal opinions.

We remind the prime minister that the leader of the opposition, Dr. Hubert Minnis has also been the object of equally scathing opinions. We suspect that both men will continue to be in the bull’s eye of journalists as long as they hold the positions they do.

Bradley B. Roberts commentary: The FNM must respect due process
Submitted by OnBahamas   
Tuesday, 31 March 2015 07:36
BY: Bradley B. Roberts
National Chairman
Progressive Liberal Party

I am here not to defend Minister V. Alfred Gray, but to defend the principle of due process in dispensing justice.

Ignoring calls by the Attorney General to refrain from commentary on a matter under active police investigation, Dr. Hubert Minnis and his parliamentary colleagues continue to show contempt for the principle of due process as they seek to willfully contaminate the investigative process and pervert the course of justice for purely political means. This is disgraceful; Dr. Minnis knows better and stands condemned.

The record will show that during the five years Dr. Minnis served in the FNM cabinet, no fewer than five ministers found themselves in acts of impropriety and malfeasance, but not one word from Dr. Minnis. He condoned all of their malfeasant ways through his deafening silence and now he is all the places like a Jumping Jack with this fake self-righteous indignation and pretend-outrage. When Brent Symonette was accused of being in violation of the constitution, cat cut Minnis' tongue because he had no voice then. There was no outrage, no indignation and most disgracefully there was no investigation called by the then Prime Minister, any member of the cabinet or the FNM party because they all lacked the personal conviction and integrity to act.
Statement from Nassau Flight Services with respect to terminations
Submitted by BIS   
Monday, 30 March 2015 07:20

The Bahamian public is informed that the management of Nassau Flight Services (NFS) has denied allegations made by the Airport Airline and Allied Workers Union (AAAWU) that the services of 5 employees were terminated for refusal to work overtime. The public should know that while the company does not wish to delve into the facts surrounding the employees’ termination, as they are the subject of legal review, and providing details on the matter may prejudice that process, it is important to state emphatically that the termination issues relate to aviation safety.

Additionally, the public is advised that the Union referred the termination to the Department of Labor for conciliation, and no consensus on the facts was arrived at in that process. The management of NFS wishes to stress that the company abides by all industrial laws, and as soon as the Union President files an industrial dispute with the Industrial Tribunal, NFS will expedite the hearing of the matter, in the interest of determining the correct legal finding. It is regretful that the Union has failed thus far to pursue due process in accordance with the law, but has chosen instead, by unlawful industrial action, to seek to coerce a result, through duress.

This is even more regretful at a time when the company is working with the Ministry of Finance to ensure the economic health of NFS, as the company’s current status requires subsidization by the government to maintain its operations.

The industrial action was taken during peak hours at the airport, and were it not for preemptive steps taken by the company, it could have caused severe economic circumstances to NFS.  NFS has and always will continue to work in good faith with the Union, and in keeping with the Industrial Agreement made between NFS and the AAAWU.

BTC responds to URCA findings on BTC 2014 outage
Submitted by Chauntez Wilson   
Thursday, 26 March 2015 10:39

NASSAU, Bahamas -- Following their network outage on March 22nd 2014, The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) proved sensitive to their customers’ frustrations and acted quickly to apologize for service disruption and promptly awarded financial compensation to customers affected.

As the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) launched an investigation, BTC also lost no time on their own investigation to determine the root cause of a system outage that left telecommunications customers impacted.

During the course of BTC’s investigation it was determined that the outage was due solely to a failure in BTCs back-up power system and the problem has since been rectified.  BTC’s CEO, Mr. Leon Williams states that “the outage last March was caused by a catastrophic power outage due to back-up power failure. Unfortunately, when the business attempted to take our Poinciana Power Plant off commercial power in favour of back-up power, the back-up batteries which should have carried the load failed.”  

In light of this, Power Plant improvement-works were initiated in April 2014 and are 95% completed with an expected end date of March 31st 2015.  These updates include new power back-up equipment that result in a higher capacity more efficient full service Power Plant, designed to deliver the requisite ‘fail-safe’ solution in the event of another commercial power outage.

Mr. Williams stated that the substantiation of the improvements in the Power Plant infrastructure is evident in the performance of the system during the commercial power outage on March 13th 2015.  

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