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BTC introduces 'Everyday Bahamas' photo and video contests
Submitted by Nikia A. Wells   
Tuesday, 22 July 2014 16:24

NASSAU, Bahamas -- BTC is introducing two contests that will highlight Everyday Bahamian culture, and will offer big prizes.

The BTC Directory Photo Contest is looking for vibrant photo entries that showcase Bahamian culture, to be featured on the cover of the BTC 2015 Directories. Five winners will be chosen to win Samsung S5 Smartphones, worth over $800.

The Everyday Bahamas Video Contest will offer budding film makers and social media users the chance to win a $2000 cash prize by creating 30 second videos showcasing all aspects of Bahamian culture. The contest is open to amateur and professional videographers, and other prizes include a Samsung S5 smartphone, and BTC phone credit.

The deadline for the Directory Photo Contest is Aug 1, and entries must be submitted to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . For complete contest rules, and entry requirements please visit  the website.

The deadline for the Everyday Bahamas Video Contest is Aug 4. For complete rules, please visit the My BTC Facebook Page.

Statement by State Minister for Finance The Hon. Michael Halkitis on release of latest Labour Force Survey
Submitted by BIS   
Saturday, 19 July 2014 14:42

The Ministry of Finance notes that The Department of Statistics has released the results of its Labour Force and Household Income Survey which was conducted in May of this year.

The results of the survey indicate a decrease in the national unemployment from 15.4% in November 2013 to 14.3% in May 2014.

Also noteworthy was a nationwide decrease in the number of discouraged workers, that is, workers who had previously given up looking for work from 6,765 individuals in November 2013 to 4,880 individuals in May 2014. This decrease of 28% in the number of discouraged workers is a strong indication of increased optimism in the economy by job seekers.

Notably, in Grand Bahama, the number of discouraged workers decreased by 60%.

The combination of the decrease in the rate of unemployment and the decrease in the number of discouraged workers is positive indication of the improving health of the Bahamian labour market.

The overall rate of unemployment among workers aged 15-24 years remains a concern. This rate is, and historically has been considerably higher than any other age group. The May 2014 survey indicated an overall rate of unemployment 28% among this age group. While lower compared to the previous year in line with the overall reduction in the rate of unemployment; clearly this is one area that will continue to require focused attention.

Overall the survey paints a picture of a gradual improvement in the labour market in line with the gradual strengthening of the Bahamian economy.

NIB clarify tender process
Submitted by Elcott Coleby   
Thursday, 17 July 2014 08:05

The process by which the National Insurance Board (NIB) engaged the services of Holiday Industrial Builders International Limited for the construction of the building located to the West of the Paul L. Adderley Building (“the Replica Building”) on J.F. K. drive is set out below. The procedure is consistent with the framework in place at the NIB for the award of building contracts.

The Consultant Project Managers recommended the following contractors to be invited for Pre-Qualification:

  • Pyramid Construction Company Limited
  • Ranmar Precision Development Company Limited
  • Buildex Construction Company Limited
  • Holiday industrial Builders International Limited
All candidates were required to pre-qualify.

Contractor pre-qualification documents were received on Friday, September 27,2013 and submitted to the Quantity Surveyor (“QS”) on September 30, 2013.
DNA commentary: PLP Policy on Employment - A Series of Lies and Misrepresentations
Submitted by the DNA Party   
Thursday, 17 July 2014 06:08

The Christie administration’s “policy” on job creation and employment in this country has left much to be desired. In fact, it has been a series of misrepresentations and even outright lies. Despite the release of figures from the Department of Statistics which show that unemployment, particularly among young people is at the highest it has ever been, members of this incompetent government insist that they have created the ten thousand jobs promised on the campaign trail.  

Over the past several weeks, we have heard various government Ministers including Labor Minister Shane Gibson boast about the 43 thousand jobs which were allegedly created by this administration. Weeks later, the Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis declared to the media that his ministry alone created 10 thousand jobs for Bahamians. The Department of Statistics numbers show just over 3,000 NET JOBS added to the country’s economy in the two years since the general election.  

With the scores of recent high school graduates unable to find work, returning college students seeking employment elsewhere in the region and thousands of other Bahamians who have simply given up the hope of finding work, the Democratic National Alliance is led to question the government’s definition of employment. Does this government truly believe that providing one day of work to a party general qualifies as job creation in a modern day Bahamas? Could the government feel that temporary work supplied by the Ministry of Works is a fulfillment of his brazen election campaign promise?  

The reality is NO! What this country needs is not the creation of small and temporary work opportunities but rather sustainable growth which allows Bahamians at every sector of society to earn a living worthy of their talents. What this country needs is a government prepared to create an economic environment which encourages not just employment, but OWNERSHIP as well.  

DNA commentary: Two years for Freedom of Information is too late!
Submitted by the DNA Party   
Tuesday, 15 July 2014 10:06
While the country grapples with countless social ills, and the throes of a stagnant economy, we as a people are further forced to contend with an incompetent government who has proven time and time again that they do not have the growth and development of the country at the heart of their legislative agenda.  

The Democratic National Alliance along with countless other organizations has led the call for a Freedom of Information Act as part of efforts to pull the country from the shadows of corruption and malfeasance. Unfortunately, secrecy and mystery continue to shroud the government’s dealings even as the people cry for greater accountability from its elected officials. Unfortunately, the government has chosen to stonewall its people by denying them access to key details on plans for forward development, even as our greatest ally, the United States of America, publicly questions the country’s commitment to transparency and accountability in governance.  

The DNA was most disappointed by this PLP government’s forecast that it would take up to two years to complete the amendments needed for the Freedom of Information Bill to be enacted. This important piece of legislation has already been allowed to languish in Parliament for two years since the former Free National Movement Administration passed the bill in 2012. It should be noted that during the debate in March 2012 the PLP who was the opposition at the time had an opportunity to review the draft legislation and made suggested amendments at that time. The PLP subsequently stated during its campaign that they would implement a proper Freedom of Information Act! They now say that they need two more years to effect the necessary amendments to the bill. This would then give the PLP almost 4 years from March 2012 when they first reviewed it to 2016 to determine a proper Freedom of Information Act. This government can only be described as talking fool.  

More than 90 countries around the world have already enacted some form of freedom of information resulting in enhanced democracies.

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