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What on earth are we thinking?
Thursday, 06 March 2008 09:57
My Muddasick! is why don't Solomon's and Cost Right accept the Social Services Food Stamps? It's a government entity. If I normally shop at Cost Right or Solomon's why should I be excluded from shopping there because all I have is a Food Stamp?

My second Muddasick! is that violence is sometimes an accumulation of emotions. If a child is being bullied, bothered and even threatened by another student and no significant intervention is made. I know of parents who had to go to the school to deal with their kids being slapped, punched and/or pushed by another student (in the primary school at that) and the student was sent to "sit in the office". Hence either the child is harmed worse (beat up, stabbed, etc.) by the student troubling the other or the student being troubled gets frustrated and fights back.

Principals, teachers: if a child is being picked on and the parent comes to you or the child tells you "DO SOMETHING", don't just say, "It will make you tougher." Because guess what: it will make them tougher and the outcome is not good. Call the children's parents, discuss the matter, come to a solution or compromise, discipline if needed or involve the police or social services if necessary. If you are complacent to the cries then you are also responsible if the situation gets worse.

Signed: What on earth are we thinking!