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FNM: PLP social security promises are like shifting sands
Wednesday, 02 May 2012 14:06

The PLP claims to ‘Believe in Bahamians’ yet it provides no clear social security plan. The PLP charter 2012 is an echo of its “Our Plan” 2002. Empty promises.

The clues are not hard to spot. Look for the words “formulate a plan”, “continue to review”, “support existing (FNM) plan”, “consult with”, “carefully consider”, “establish a committee to conduct an analysis”, “establish a subcommittee to review”….the PLP has built their social security platform on the shifting sands of empty promises.

The Free National Movement has a strong record of delivering life-changing social security programmes, and employment stability for Bahamians.

FNM Delivery Record

  • Introduced the 40-hour week and minimum wage
  • Introduced National Insurance Unemployment Benefits
  • Provided an automatic increase of NIB pension and other benefits on a 2-year cycle
  • Safeguarded the jobs of 20,000 public sector employees by not cutting staff during the height of the global recession (most recently maintaining 8,000 jobs at Atlantis)
  • Increased maternity leave entitlement
  • Launched a six-month temporary employment programme that created 2,500 jobs
  • Launched the 52-weeks National Jobs Readiness and Skills Training Programme that is now training 4,000 citizens
In the next term, the FNM will implement a further slate of advancements in the labour sector.

FNM Promises 2012
  • Incrementally increase the minimum wage over a five-year period
  • Extend National Insurance Unemployment Benefits from 13 weeks to 26 weeks
  • Commence the review of pensions of retired public servants with a view to, when possible, increasing pensions in tandem with public service salary increases
  • Continue to review public service salary scales
  • Make flexi-time an option for civil servants with children from infancy to junior high
  • Encourage the introduction of flexi-time in the private sector
  • Institutionalize the National Training and Retraining Programme to build Human Resource capacity and provide career development opportunities for Bahamians
  • Improve the effectiveness of social safety nets by introducing a system of cash transfers
  • Create a “Fast Track Career Path” in the Public Service to attract highly qualified and especially skilled individuals to enter and remain in the Service
The FNM has built its social security platform for 2012-2017 on its rock solid foundation of proven leadership, and faithful delivery.

The bottom line:  Bahamians will sink in the shifting sand of the PLP.

Same Empty Promises. Same PLP.

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