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FNM claim PLP ethics non existent - 'running same scandalous candidates'
Saturday, 28 April 2012 08:14
The Claim: In the 2012 PLP charter, Perry Christie pledged to “place the interests of the Country before any personal interest.”

The Truth:  In 2002 Perry Christie also stated that "If public confidence in the integrity of the political directorate of The Bahamas is to become a hallmark of our political culture, it is of first importance that the Prime Minister and other Ministers of Government observe - and be seen to observe - the highest standards of probity in public life." He went on, instead, to lead the most corrupt government in the history of the independent Bahamas. Here is a fine selection of the PLP's eminent 'ethical' governance:
  • Bradley Roberts, PLP National Chair, conspired with the Water and Sewerage Corporation's chairman to tender public contracts to BK Water, a company presided by Jerome Fitzgerald, now a PLP Senator.
  • Fred Mitchell was involved in the notorious Chinese visas scandal;
  • Shane Gibson, then Immigration Minister, was involved in the shady incident regarding the Anna Nicole Smith residency application.
  • Leslie Miller, former Minister of Trade and Industry, signed the detrimental Petrocaribe agreement with Venezuela
  • Allyson Maynard-Gibson's (now a PLP Senator) former law firm benefited from the LNG pipeline contract, while she was Attorney General.
The 2012 PLP charter, published amid fresh admissions about Perry Christie's and Brave Davis' connections with foreign oil companies that want to drill in Bahamian waters, does not mention the word 'ethics' once; but all of the above are running for re-election on May 7th.

Same PLP. Same Empty Promises

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