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DNA: 'Christie looses temper on Real Talk Live'
Tuesday, 24 April 2012 16:05

Today on the popular radio talk show Real Talk Live, hosted by outspoken host Ortland H. Bodie Jr., Democratic National Alliance (DNA) leader, Branville McCartney criticized Opposition leader Perry Christie and Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham for conspiring to crush the DNA, before the Party was formed. At a family function last year, Mr. McCartney asserts that Mr. Christie told him that if he formed a political party that he would be crushed by Mr. Christie and Mr. Ingraham within two months.

Mr. McCartney declares, “The DNA is 11 months old and we are now stronger than ever. It is clear that the partnership of Christie, Ingraham & Co. have become desperate to the realization that their 25-year choke hold of this country is swiftly coming to an end.”

Mr. McCartney also said Mr. Christie and Mr. Ingraham were said to have drove around deciding where to cut boundaries last year. He said, “This is a grave miscarriage of our democracy and it clearly proves that Christie and Ingraham are attempting to protect their shared interest by any means necessary.”

The Opposition leader called the radio talk show and tried to arouse tensions between himself and Mr. McCartney. He became enraged as he denied Mr. McCartney's remarks declaring, "I would be a jackass to ride around with Ingraham discussing boundaries, that never happened."

Mr. Christie then revealed that at the time Mr. McCartney left the FNM, he (Perry Christie) sent someone to approach Mr. McCartney about joining the Progressive Liberal Party.

Mr. McCartney has since rebuked Perry Christie's immature outburst.

"Mr. Christie’s actions are shameful and we would expect him to conduct himself in a more decent manner. He, nor Ingraham, can stop the ocean of green support that now exists in the country. I encourage all Bahamians to please remain calm during this election season because when the elections are completed, we have to work together to achieve REAL CHANGE for ONE BAHAMAS,” he said.

Mr. McCartney also finds it interesting that Mr. Christie and Mr. Ingraham are both attempting to convince voters that he is not fit to lead the country, however both leaders admittedly attempted to recruit him within their ranks. Mr. McCartney said that "it is evident that both established parties are void of true leadership or a clear successor. Clearly, these leaders are both at the end of their careers.

“The reason I could not affect real change in either the PLP or the FNM is because these leaders have both lost direction and attitude reflects leadership.”

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