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Best is best for Marco City
Monday, 26 March 2012 07:28

I feel proud of myself to be actually writing a letter to be published.  While I do work in my community and keep up with current affairs, I stay away from the media.  I felt forced to write after I saw a letter to the Freeport News signed by a man who favoured Zhivargo Laing for Marco City publicly and then said he would not vote once Laing decided to go back to the people of Fort Charlotte who first elected him to Parliament.  

Now in a recent letter he states Norris Bain is the best candidate for Marco City, but a Mr. Moss will win.  As a Marco City resident I feel insulted.  

The writer is suggesting me and the people of Marco City will not do what is best.  Norris Bain is an educator who molded and shaped the lives of many.  He has been a model family man and his wife has taken the political stage on his behalf.  Mr. Bain is no stranger to our communities.  He is a dynamic Christain man we can all depend on to render good representation.  

Norris Bain is the best choice in Marco City and no prediction letter, free drinks and t-shirts can change that.  Marco City is about family and community and Norris Bain's life has been dedicated to both.  Most voters want what is best and Norris Bain is the best man in the Marco City race.  Continue working in our area Mr. Bain.  God bless.

- Marco City proud resident

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