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DNA respond to Christie & Ingraham’s claim
Monday, 26 March 2012 06:54

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) leader Perry Christie, in one of his party’s rallies, said that a vote for the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) is a vote for the Free National Movement (FNM). Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham said that a vote for the DNA is a vote for the PLP. Once again, Christie and Ingraham are using propaganda in an effort to mislead the Bahamian electorate, but instead validate the DNA’s existence and mission for real change in how this nation is managed.

Moreover, McCartney said that Mr. Ingraham should be the last to say this, as he, himself said at the Elizabeth by-election that he was more PLP than Perry Christie, which suggests that a vote for Hubert Ingraham is a vote for the PLP.

DNA leader Branville McCartney said, “These leaders’ statements cannot be further from the truth and that the DNA’s vision for the country is different from that of the FNM and the PLP.”

Responding to propaganda that the DNA will join the FNM or the PLP, McCartney said, “The DNA will never join the FNM or the PLP. If a coalition government has to be formed, then either of these parties will have to join the DNA. We will move our country forward, not backward.”

The DNA has been in existence for 10 months and has made tumultuous strides in deepening the democratic process, hosting several town meetings (on crime, the economy, education, immigration and family and social development), street meetings and its first People’s Summit where its message of change has been heard by tens of thousands of Bahamians.

The DNA finds it troubling that Mr. Ingraham and Mr. Christie would come to such a conclusion given the DNA’s track record and our well-received policies, which can be found at We invite Christie and Ingraham to visit the site again and see firsthand our vision for the Bahamas.

Mr. McCartney is reminding Bahamians that a vote for the PLP is a vote for indecisive leadership, mismanagement and a lack of will to change the current course of the Bahamas. A vote for the FNM is a vote for mismanagement, failed policies, stifled progress and a non-participatory government.

McCartney said that a vote for the DNA is a vote for real change in the Bahamas. He says by voting DNA, Bahamians will receive the following:

(1). electoral reform within the first year

(2). an improved education system

(3) an economy where Bahamians become owners

(4). an independent body that will be the watchdog of government spending

(5). better crime preventative and fighting initiatives

(6). Cabinet ministers and Members of Parliament, who will be expected to uphold high uncompromising levels of personal conduct and fiscal prudence.

(7). A Bahamas that belongs to Bahamians.

McCartney further said, “The PLP and the FNM have failed to achieve either of these initiatives, despite them being political parties collectively for almost 100 years. God forbid if the PLP or the FNM were to win the next general election; it would be almost 50 years where the Bahamas would have seen only three Prime Ministers.”

The DNA has pledged significant changes to the current political process. We will fine-tune many of the weak and neglected areas in our governance with a focus of truly empowering Bahamians, said Mr. McCartney.

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