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DNA saddened by Australian crime documentary
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 06:45

A recent gripping report by dateline, highlighting an Australian documentary has spread like wildfire on the Internet. The report, which is about 15 minutes has cast the Bahamas in a negative light. The report focuses on the murder of Marco Archer and the seemingly out of control crime problem in the Bahamas.

The report said: “With the violent crime wave sweeping the Bahamas, Bahamians have little reason to rejoice. The government has given rhetoric to the crime problem in the Bahamas” and continues to say “Bahamian laws are weak.”

Tommy Turnquest, Minister of National Security, has vehemently denied the validity of this report and sees it as biased. He has publicly demanded an apology from the Australian journalist for the release of this report that paints the Bahamas as a country under siege by crime and violence.

Democratic National Alliance (DNA) candidate for Bain Town and Grants Town, Rodney Moncur was also featured in the documentary as a “champion for victims rights” and said that Turnquest needs to apologize to the 450 odd Bahamians that have been murdered under his watch as Minister of National Security. The families of murdered victims continue to suffer at the negligence of Tommy Turnquest and the failed law enforcement policies of the FNM. At no time in Bahamian history have we seen crime in our country this much out of control”. Mr. Moncur reaffirms his position that Turnquest should have been fired for incompetence. He lists several failures under Turnquest’s tenure and insists that instead of asking Australian journalist to apologize for reporting facts, Turnquest should apologize for the following:

(1). Failure to uphold government’s primary responsibility: protect its citizens.

(2). Failure to implement tougher bail laws in first 4 years of governance

(3). Failure to implement a sex offenders registry

(4). Failure to increase conviction rates as promised in 2007 campaign

(5). Failure to equip police officers properly to defend our streets.

There were 127 murders reported in the Bahamas last year, a fourth murder record in five years. According to Turnquest’s response to the Australian documentary, he said, “We are "moving in the right direction" in fighting crime, the "police officers are doing an excellent job".

The DNA believes RBPF is doing the best they can do with limited inadequate resources in the fight against crime, but the direction that the FNM government has taken to fight crime has been ineffective. Under the FNM administration the Bahamas has seen escalating crime, inclusive of increased murder rates, decreased conviction rates and a public that is losing faith in the criminal justice system.

The DNA is confident that the facts do not support Turnquest’s assertion that the crime fighting initiatives of the FNM are heading in the right direction.

Moncur, an advocate for victim’s rights for the last 20 years in the Bahamas is always saddened when another victim is added to criminal statistics list. He says, “Criminals are winning the war on crime and that the government continues to lag behind in its efforts to effectively address this problem”.

The DNA sees this as a collective failure on behalf of the government of the Bahamas. DNA leader Branville McCartney says, “Any government, no matter where they preside, has a single primary function: To protect its citizens from enemies both foreign and domestic. The DNA government is prepared to spare no expense and take all necessary measures to ensure we do just that.”

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