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FNM statement: Jobs remain global challenge but FNM has saved jobs on Grand Bahama
Friday, 24 February 2012 16:55

Neko Grant - Candidate for LucayaWe in the Free National Movement remain sensitively aware of the impact the recent global recession has had on our nation's economy and the extent to which an already challenged Grand Bahama economy has been hit. 

As the most powerful and small countries worldwide wrestle the burning issue of unemployment, we continue to make every effort to save jobs for Bahamians here on Grand Bahama.  Without the support of the FNM Government in 2010 after the Great Recession took hold Grand Bahama's tourism would have collapsed.  

For Grand Bahama residents to be able to travel to Florida for business and pleasure on Discovery Cruise Line, that cost us nearly $8million.  We supported Norwegian Sky Cruise Ship which had 48 calls with 120,000 passengers - that cost the Government half a million dollars.  Similar support for Carnival Cruise Line, Delta Airline, US Air, West Jet out of Canada and more recently, Vision Airline. 

Pakesia Edgecombe - Candidate for West Grand Bahama and BiminiWe contributed more than $4 million for direct marketing support for the Grand Lucaya Resort and by the end of this summer, the Government of the Bahamas would have spent more than $17 million to keep the Isle of Capri and Treasure Bay Casino open; keeping a key tourism product and attraction alive and saving a significant number of Bahamian jobs.

The PLP seems to think Bahamians are not aware of the fact that all over the world countries are faced with high unemployment, just like us here in The Bahamas and here on Grand Bahama.  During the PLP's last term in office between 2002-2007, over 1500 Royal Oasis employees loss their jobs, and it took the FNM Government to secure their compensation packages.

During the course of this 2012 General Election campaign, the people of Grand Bahama and The Bahamas will come to examine the facts as to how Perry Christie failed the owners of City Markets, and why the PLP's claim of 22,000 jobs is nothing more than exaggerated political spin.

K. Peter Turnquest - Candidate for East Grand BahamaIn the best of times, the PLP cannot point to any significant and tangible accomplishment during its last term in office.  In these most challenging times, we in the FNM continue to deliver.

Pictured: FNM Grand Bahama candidates.

1. Neko Grant - Candidate for Lucaya

2. Pakesia Edgecombe - Candidate for West Grand Bahama and Bimini

3. K. Peter Turnquest - Candidate for East Grand Bahama

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