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McCartney: Bahamians are driving force for change
Wednesday, 22 February 2012 19:56

Member of Parliament for Bamboo Town, Branville McCartney has opted to let his service record speak on his behalf in response to Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham’s disingenuous remarks at Tuesday night’s Free National Movement (FNM) Bamboo Town constituency office opening.

The current leadership continues to mislead Bahamians as to garner favor with voters, but they will soon realize that this political season, Bahamians are wiser and have become immune to political rhetoric.

For instance, Bamboo Town residents and Bahamians throughout the nation are fully aware that while some FNM and other constituency offices were closed, the Bamboo Town constituency office remained open for eight hours every weekday since the day Mr. McCartney was sworn as its representative in 2007.

Further, since 2007, Mr. McCartney, his staff and volunteers have hosted several community programs, including the bi-monthly senior citizens program, the annual Spring Festival, the Youth Club, a food and clothing distribution program called ‘Thy Brother’s Keeper,’ back-to-school giveaways, weekly adult computer classes, an after-school tutoring program, an Alcoholics Anonymous program, community school visits, free legal clinics and constituency meetings.

In addition, Bamboo Town residents receive weekly community updates via email, social media and a newsletter, ‘Represent.’ Mr. McCartney also hosted a mid-term report on the state of the community.

In Prime Minister Ingraham’s words some five years ago, “Branville McCartney is a young man, who has committed himself to public service for the benefit of the Bahamian people… he is the one.”

Mr. McCartney asserts that that notion has not changed and the past five years, in particular, proves that. Now, his commitment is even stronger.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Ingraham outlined his party’s national plans, including combating crime and developing the Family Islands. The DNA joins the Bahamian people in asking why have these plans not been put into effect in the last 15 years of the FNM’s administration and, if they were, why are they not working to our benefit?

In 2007, the Prime Minister said he would reduce crime, but instead the numbers soared. The families of the 127 murder victims of 2011, and those thus far this year, would like to know what is this government going to do about these criminals and for the Bahamians living in fear. The DNA asks, what will this administration do to modernize the education system, our immigration and regularization laws? For the past 20 years, The Bahamas has never had a balance budget. What is the Prime Minister going to do to provide economic security for Bahamians; what will he do to reduce our national debt of $4.5 billion?

“I will not engage the Prime Minister in a row about his personal issues with me; the Bahamian public is not interested. I invite him, as I’ve done on numerous occasions, to a national debate on how our parties propose to push this nation forward,” Mr. McCartney said.

The truth of the matter is the FNM Government, like the Opposition leadership, is banking on a conversation to divert from the issues, but they cannot sucker the Bahamian voter with these old games, the same tactics.

It is evident that if the FNM had the answers to a better Bahamas, we, the Bahamian public, would be living it, but we’re not living in a safer Bahamas and Family Islands’ development has been stagnant for decades. The DNA believes strongly that the FNM has no clue on how they can deliver Bahamians from the mess they created, which they did with no vision.

Mr. McCartney said: “It is the Bahamian people that are the driving force for change—change in how we educate our children, how we compete with the world, how we sustain our economy, how we treat the Bahamian worker, how we conduct foreign investment, how we enforce security, both inside and outside our borders.”

“The Bahamian people are leading this effort, not me. Mr. Ingraham seems to be the only person to have not realized that the power of the people is greater than the people in power.”

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